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Apex One Zero-day Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability that was being actively exploited by malicious actors has been patched on the Apex One system and was announced by Trendmicro in a security advisory on Tuesday.

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Sophisticated ‘DarkTortilla’ Crypter

DarkTortilla is a .NET-based crypter that works by delivering numerous malicious payloads, with the potential to inject illegal content into the user system with the ability to manipulate both users and sandboxes to believe that it is benign.

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Retiring Malicious Macros

What are macros? Simply stating, macros are Microsoft programs or instructions that can be used to automate repetitive tasks in any of the Microsoft office programs or applications.

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The Impact of Clickjacking Attack

Clickjacking tricks a user into performing a particular action on a target website where they assume that they are clicking on one element, but instead, they would be clicking a webpage element that is invisible or disguised as another element.

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Ensuring Secure Online Presence

The recent scandal of Facebook’s user data being harvested for use for election manipulation by Cambridge Analytica has brought the issue of data security to wider public discussion.

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