IS audit added to ThreatNix’s list of services

ThreatNix is happy to announce that we have now added IS audit to our already substantial list of cybersecurity related services.

IS audit involves a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure that encompasses policies, procedure, tools, technology, workflow and all other aspects of the infrastructure. It is an investigative approach to verify that the IT infrastructure is secure by examination of evidence and verification of the observed evidence through probing. The examination of evidence involves review of policies and assessing if it addresses all the security requirements and focuses on the guidelines provided by NRB. While, verification is done by carrying out a complete vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of the IT infrastructure.

ThreatNix boasts a substantial number of primary services which can be read in detail at Our Services page in our website. In addition, we are constantly involved in various other auxiliary functions.

At ThreatNix, we consider ourselves quite different from other security firms working in Nepalese cybersecurity field. We are more research oriented and are dedicated to the strengthening of Nepali cyber space. Aside from selling our services to organisations, we regularly perform research that are aimed at finding any apparent security vulnerabilities within Nepali cyberspace. We also inform government websites if any such vulnerabilities are detected. Our services also help set us aside from our competitors, some of these services are unique in Nepalese cyber security frontier such as custom security tool development, site cleaning and threat intelligence.

With custom security tool development service, we develop security tools that specifically cater to your organisation and its needs. Security implementations are specific to each individual scenarios and as such requirements for security tools vary from one organization to another. Generic security tools developed with a broad scope may fail to address your specific needs. So, we build custom security tools that focus on addressing your needs, and help you implement the best security solution.

With site cleaning service, we clean your website if any breach or malware infection is detected in it. Any kind of malware, defacement, phishing, injected malicious code, backdoors and spams are removed from your website to get it running smoothly as soon as possible.

And, with the threat intelligence service, we provide actionable information regarding malicious acts and actors collected from openly available means to hidden channels. So, if any such activity is seen within your network it can be addressed immediately. We provide compiled data on potential threats that can be implemented into your defence system to enhance the detection and prevention capability of your security measures.

If you’re interested in any of our services,  want more information on any particular service or just want to chat about security in general, drop us an email at [email protected] or call us at 01-5548195.

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