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IS/IT Audit

IS/IT audit involves a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure that encompasses the policies, procedure, tools, technology, work flow and all other aspects of the infrastructure. It takes an investigative approach to verify that the IT infrastructure is completely secure by examination of evidence and verification of the observed evidence through probing.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment helps find out your current security posture. It identifies vulnerabilities and assigns severity levels to vulnerabilities found during assessment. Our assessment method includes Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST).

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing helps simulate the methods, tactics, techniques and procedures followed by sophisticated attackers. The authorized simulation explores and exploits vulnerabilities before they can be leveraged by malicious entity to cause any damage.

Custom Security Tool Development

Security implementations are specific to each individual environment and as such requirement for security tools vary from one organization to another. Generic security tools developed with a broad scope may fail to address your specific needs. So, custom security tools built upon your specific requirements that focuses on addressing your needs will help you implement the best security solution.

Security Operations center

A security operations center continuously monitors your domain and manages your security defences. Don’t get buried under the systems’ log, network traffic and alerts from your defense systems, let SOC take charge to find the needle in the haystack and strengthen your defense with expert knowledge driven threat detection.

Site Cleaning and Malware Removal

It is vital to clean a website immediately if any breach or malware infection is detected in your website. With site cleaning and malware removal service malwares, defacement, phishing, injected malicious code, backdoors and spams are removed from your website to get it running smoothly as soon as possible.

Code Review

A software security code review helps to identify and remediate coding errors before they turn into a security risk. When conducted properly, code review can do more to secure your software applications than nearly any other activity.

Incident Response

When a compromising act is detected within your IT domain, it must be handled expertly with extreme caution. Immediately addressing a security incident should be a top priority to keep the damage to a minimum. Incidence response halts the progress of an attack and deals with its management, investigation and recovery.

Managed Cyber Security Services

You don’t have to worry as all your security needs are fulfilled and managed by your managed cybersecurity solutions partner. Drafting your security policies, setting up your perimeter defence systems, VAPT, compliance monitoring and continuous security monitoring along with security consultations and training are all covered under MCSS.

System Audit and Hardening

System audit ensures that best practices are followed within the implemented system and that the system is on par with the security standards. System hardening addresses any drawbacks that have been encountered in the audit process. System audit and hardening follows a methodical procedure to check for any limitations on security implementations in the system and then manage them properly.

Training and Consultation

Professional consultations on security measures and solutions can provide a clear insight on how to strenghten your security posture. Expert recommendations on tightening your defenses is necessary to ward off attackers. Providing expert training to your personals on cybersecurity is vital to strengthening the human element in security which is identified as the weakest security link.

Patch Management

The task of deploying security patches and security updates to systems can be a challenging task, specially if there are large number of systems and there is no set patch management procedure. While patch management addresses the security weaknesses, negligence in the process can result in more severe problems. Proper patch management includes verification of the patches, initial preparation of the systems, application of patch, testing, documentation and cleanup.

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